Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 24 Best Wedding Day Tips for Great Photography!

1. MATTER OF FACTORS ~ Weather, lighting and view

This is probably one of the most important suggestions I can give you. When you are choosing your venue and the time of your wedding and reception, take into consideration 3 important factors; weather, lighting and view.

You are spending good money on your photography… so you want to make sure that everything else lines up in order to get the very best shots!

First of all think about the weather. If you plan to get married in the mountains… then you may want to hold your wedding in the summer unless you are planning on a winter white wedding. Be sure that you coincide your wedding date and location in order to avoid (to the best of your ability) rain, snow, wind etc.

Second… think about the lighting. Schedule your wedding during a time of day that gives you the best lighting possible. If you are planning to have your guests facing the Rogue River at 6pm in June… You, your guests and your photographer will be facing into the sun. This makes for terrible photography and very uncomfortable guests.

And third… the view. Stand back and look at the background of the area that you have picked out. Is it going to be pretty and complimenting in photographs? Have someone take a few photos of you standing in that area at the time you have your wedding scheduled for so that you can get a good idea of what to expect. That fountain may look pretty… but when you are standing in front of it for pictures… it may appear that the water is coming out of the top of your heads.

Senior Session with Shelbie

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Lets get started with some great pics and the first of the top 24 Wedding tips for great photography!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Danielle and Nathan

Worse Wedding Advice #10


Shorter engagements are exciting and spontaneous, and NOT for the faint of heart! Longer engagements leave you more time to plan, to find “the right” dress, to find vendors, etc. Most engagements are over a year long, and planning a wedding can be stressful… give yourself the time you need. Also… be sure to include your groom in the planning; this is an exciting time for BOTH of you!

So… If you are worried about your groom running away… you might want to re-think who you are marrying. And if he does run away during this time, he'd never last the entire marriage anyways